Calm Sea


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Michelle brings a unique skillset which is useful when life isn’t compartmentalised. She is a listening ear while gently challenging your assumptions and habits and this helped me to see situations in a different way.  It gave me the clarity to focus my energy on the things that were in my control to change and not worry about the things that weren’t. Warm and caring she inspired me to commit to the goals I set and supported me to achieve them in a way that worked for me. As a result, I’ve made positive lifestyle changes and am better equipped with tools to cope with life’s challenges.

Rita, Manchester.


Thanks Michelle for helping me at a time in my life that I really needed support and guidance. The 6 week wellbeing coaching really helped me to make important changes and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for your coaching. I would definitely recommend you !

Helen, Hertfordshire.


I have had quite a few sessions of EFT with Michelle. She is caring and empathetic and immediately puts you at your ease. I had some knowledge of EFT but Michelle is a skilled practitioner and really helped me with negative emotions and memories that were stopping me from moving forward. Her knowledge and insights were invaluable and I would definitely recommend her.

Sarah, Hertfordshire.