Calm Sea


Level 2 Practitioner and a Member of EFT International

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is often referred to as tapping and is a form of energy medicine which involves gently tapping, with the fingers on the points of the body’s meridian lines. It is a simple yet powerful technique.

There are many therapeutic effects of EFT and it can be used for chronic pain, anxiety and stress related conditions. EFT helps us to tune into our negative thought patterns, emotions or difficult memories. Tapping allows us to unblock energy, release negative emotions and creates a state of relaxation and calm.

Working with a practitioner can help you to process emotions on a deeper level and help to shift limiting beliefs and resolve past traumas.

I have been using EFT personally since 2011 and have used it to successfully clear limiting beliefs and to support me through my experience of chronic pain, anxiety and grief.


I am a level 2 practitioner and a member of EFT International. I offer EFT as part of all coaching sessions and packages.