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Are you experiencing chronic pain or living with fibromyalgia? 


The SIRPA approach can help with:
Chronic pain
Tension headaches


Are you experiencing chronic pain?

Are you living with fibromyalgia? 

Do you have stress induced symptoms? 

As a SIRPA trained wellbeing coach I can educate, support and empower you to find the true cause of your symptoms and restore your health and wellbeing.

I spent many years living with fibromyalgia and so I understand how frustrating and isolating it can be to have no real answers to the cause of your pain. My recovery journey eventually led me to an understanding of the mind body approach and to look at how repressed emotions from my childhood, current stresses in my life and my personality traits were all contributing to my pain.

When I discovered the work of Dr John Sarno it felt like the final piece of the puzzle. After using the SIRPA approach to recover from chronic back pain I was inspired to train with SIRPA in order to share this approach with my clients. 

I know how painful it can be to live with fibromyalgia and chronic pain so I can educate you to recognise that pain is created in the brain. Neural pathways become learned and can become over sensitised. Our pain can be a manifestation of suppressed and unresolved emotions. It can triggered by our current emotions and stress in our lives as the brain attempts to keep us safe from what it perceives as dangerous. This is unconscious and we are not to blame. 

The SIRPA approach focuses on acknowledging and addressing unresolved emotions and strengthening our awareness of the mind body connection. As a SIRPA trained coach I can empower you to reduce self induced stress caused by overthinking and negative self talk and to  balance your  nervous system and teach your brain that it is safe. Once you begin to have this awareness and learn to address the underlying causes of your pain, recovery is possible. 

I share a variety of tools and techniques with my clients including EFT, journaling, emotional awareness exercises and mindfulness. 

The SIRPA approach can help with stress induced conditions including musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, anxiety, fatigue and migraines. 

I offer wellbeing coaching using the SIRPA approach as individual sessions or as a tailor made package to meet each client's needs. 

Medical disclaimer: In order to safely diagnose and treat a condition as stress induced it is essential for clients to have any serious causes and health issues ruled out by a medical practitioner.